Year in Review: 2013

Dec. 31, 2013

As 2014 approaches, I can’t help but look back on 2013. It was a good year for me, story wise. I had an awful lot of fun assignments from listing the “Top 12 Signs You Are A Midstater” to interviewing Gilbert Gottfried to hunting down Jon Gosselin to checking out a historical fighting course. I also dived headfirst into the land of concert photography (you can see the results here).

But there are ten stories and three videos that really stuck out for me as my personal favorites for the year.

TOP STORY: Blurred Lines: Staying vague on gay penalties impacts Messiah student community (Aug. 27, 2013). An in-depth look at a Grantville’s Christian college’s views on homosexuality, as listed in its code of conduct, and the impact it has on current students an alumni. It was a story that really challenged me as a writer and the piece I am the most proud of this year.

Civil War Re-enactors read lyrics to One Direction’s “Live While We’re Young”

The Great Cork Shoot-Off

Jingle Ball

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