Julia is the creator of the award-winning “Today in Pa” podcast, a weekday news briefing devoted to all things Pennsylvania from PennLive.com. She handled every aspect of the production, from the scripting to recording to editing.


The perfect morning podcast!

“Today in PA is the peppy, informative, and easy-listening podcast that pairs perfectly with morning coffee! Love Julia’s infectious energy, and knowing what’s going on in Pennsylvania in a tight 5 minutes. This is the best way to get the daily dose of news, and I’m so appreciative that every show ends with a happy story. The only podcast I listen to every day, subscribe and you’ll be glad you did!”

— Apple podcast reviewer Fixit3345

Bite-Size News from a Reliable Journalist!

This podcast is an awesome way to get local news fast. I literally listen to it each morning as I brush my teeth and run a comb through my hair and by the time I’m done with that, I’ve had my fill of great news stories. Julia Hatmaker does an excellent job of bringing out the highlights in the news, offering uplifting stories alongside the more dreary news, and doing all of this with a lot of integrity. Throughout the podcast, you can hear how getting each story right, and presenting it in a fair, unbiased way is important to her. There is so much value to having access to this kind of reliable journalism! Highly recommend!!

— Apple podcast reviewer agaliardi8104

Extra! Extra! Listen to the latest NEWS!

Short and informative Pennsylvania news podcast. It doesn’t get any better than this. They keep it straight and to the point. I look forward to this podcast to keep me updated on what’s on in PA.

— Apple podcast reviewer kelty76

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