Hats2How are ya? Thanks for checking out my site.

Before you get click-happy on that menu up there, here are a few things you should know about me:

  • I like to put on a lot of hats (pun intended). I’ve devoted my career to experimenting with different mediums to tell stories, from the written word to photography to video. The hat joke extends to job titles too. I’ve changed positions a lot during my time with PennLive, going from intern to editor (and learning a lot along the way).
  • I’m an adventurer at heart. Nothing thrills me more than heading into the unknown and finding my own path. So when it comes to experimenting with new ways to tell the news or share information — that’s basically my jam.
  • I love a good story. But don’t we all? That’s what journalism is all about and it’s the reason I’m so passionate about my work. And there’s always a story to tell. I’ve traveled across the globe and in each place I’ve met someone new, someone interesting, someone with a story.

But enough of me talking about myself. Click through the menu above to see examples of my work, which includes everything from personality quizzes about popes to mini-documentaries on unsolved mysteries to photos of rhinos.

Yeah, rhinos. You’re welcome.