Click here for on-camera work.

Republican Primary: How the Pennsylvania election system works

NFL players try (and fail) to pronounce Pennsylvania names at NFL Draft

Centralia: Despite fire, this ghost town lives on

A Franciscan friar abused more than 100 children… and the order knew

The Babes in the Woods:

Baby hedgehogs at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia

Should the Frank Rizzo statue be taken down or stay up?

How do you define love?

Inside The Glow: A Jack O’Lantern Experience in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Arizona Cardinals: NFL Insider with Jon Ritchie

24 Hours at the Farm Show

“24 hours at the Farm Show” was jointly shot and edited with Amanda Berg.

Hangover cure cocktails? The Pour House’s brunch drinks are made with Pedialyte

This 10-year-old Eagles fan’s enthusiasm would make Jason Kelce proud

A 6-year-old explains the first-ever Pa. Farm Show

More videos can be found on my YouTube Channel.

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