Multimedia Stories


When the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down in Pennsylvania on May 20, 2014, I was sent to get reactions from gay couples and persons participating in a rally at the state capitol. Instead of writing text interviews, I took short 15-second Instagram videos, which I tweeted out while I was at the rally. Later that evening I compiled all the interviews into one post, which I have reproduced below.

The Defense Against Marriage Act was struck down by a federal judge on May 20 and more than 200 people gathered on the capitol steps that evening to celebrate.

We interviewed those there to find out what the strike down of the ban means to them in 15 seconds or less.

Delma and Peg Welch of York City never thought this day would come.

Cavelle Benjamin and Clay Jolly of Harrisburg on feeling like Pennsylvanians at last, while newly engaged Marlene Kanuck of Derry Twp. and Donna Stewart of Harrisburg are thrilled.


Matt Golden and Ted Hanson of Harrisburg on what the overturn of the same-sex marriage ban means to them.  Dan Warner of State College on being a part of history.


Shawn and Wesley Raup-Konsavage of Schuylkill County on not being second class citizens. Becky Szczypta and Clara Jennens of Carlisle on what today means to them.




As Easter neared in 2014, I decided to have some fun with Peeps by trying to “off” them in interesting ways. We got our readers involved, asking them to tweet their suggestions for the next way to “off” a Peep via Twitter and Vine, using the hashtag #RIPPeeps. Suggestions ranged from everything from recreating the “Game of Thrones” Red Wedding scene to running them over with a car. Needless to say, it made for a week of very odd Vine and Twitter updates. We compiled all of the Vines into a video, which ended up being one of our most-watched videos that week.



Storify of my multimedia coverage of a ghost hunt, including video, pictures, blog and tweets
Storify of my multimedia coverage of the Penn State University football game against Ohio University.
Storify on the Mixtape Festival at Hersheypark Stadium.
Storify of the Hersheypark Arena Fire. Photo by Sean Simmers, The Patriot-News.
Storify depicting the process of cleaning a Susquehanna River landmark.

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