Julia Hatmaker

Julia Hatmaker is the entertainment editor for PennLive.com and The Patriot-News. Photo by Dan Zampogna.

Every day I find something new to write about.

Years ago, I interviewed a gentleman who had written about 130 books. I asked him why he wrote so much. His answer was simple: he wrote to learn.

I could not have agreed with him more.

My name is Julia Hatmaker and journalism for me is an educational experience – one in which I am both the professor and pupil.

I spent my childhood in the mountains of Virginia, my high school by the beaches in the Eastern Shore of Maryland and my college career in the island of Great Britain. I’ve traveled across the globe, from Turkey to Texas. In each place, I’ve met someone new, someone interesting, someone with a story.

While my travels are closer to home now, the people are no less intriguing and the adventures never cease. The world is a fascinating place and I believe everyone and everything has a story to tell. My job is to find it.

A current copy of Julia’s résumé can be found here.

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